Points won’t define you

Didn’t get the points? Don’t worry, Campus take a look at the options open to you.

Private Colleges

There are many private colleges around the country which offer students the prospect of a third level education. The point requirements for private colleges are significanlty lower than universities. However, while Griffith College or Dublin Business School might not have the prestige of Trinity, many of their graduates go on to achieve great success in their field. Novelist Ceceila Ahern, MTV presenter Laura Whitmore and many prominent business figures attended private colleges. If you can afford them private colleges offer an excellent opportunity to receive a third level education.

Colleges of Further Education

Colleges of further education (CFE’s) offer another avenue to enter college. Many post leaving cert courses (PLCs) offer the opportunity of advanced entry into level 7 or 8 undergraduate degrees. CFE’s also offer nationally recognised level 5 and 6 qualifications in a wide range of areas.    

Resit the Leaving

Many schools and colleges offer nightime leaving cert courses. Being able to forgo early mornings and school uniforms will make another year of Robert Frost and the famine more bearable. If you have missed out on your chosen course by just a few points, you may decide to resit just a few subjects. This will give you the chance of being able to hold down a full time job, meaning you will be rolling in it while your college going friends are skint. It's worth considering resiting the leaving to give you another chance of getting your dream college and course.

Take a Gap Year

After fourteen years of school, the last thing you may feel like is more exams and assignments. If you have some money saved why not spend the year travelling? Countires such as Canada and Australia have not been as badly affected by the global economic downturn as Ireland.  Many people decide not to go to college at all and in the event you change your mind you can always go back when you’re older. Even if you don’t decide to go to college at all, not having a degree is not neccesarily a barrier to success. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs all dropped out of college before they graduated.   


Though it seems like a big deal now, in a few years time no one is going to care how many points you got.