My Daddy’s Better Than Your Daddy: The KPMG Girl Saga

The now infamous ‘KPMG girl’ couldn’t have known that her drunken rant would have ended up going viral, and receive comments from people worldwide. But does that excuse her behaviour? There are many conflicting arguments about whether or not the girls verbal diahorrea, filmed in Ray’s Pizza place in Temple Bar, should have been put online or not in the first place.

This girl, who is thought to be around 17 years old, is, for want of a better term, completely cornobbled in the video. An inadvertent flash of her white bloomers at the beginning of the clip means the budding cinematographer was branded a ‘pervert’ by some online commentators, but this looked like a fairly innocent accident to others.

The five minute tirade has mysteriously been taken down numerous times from YouTube, but it’s still possible to find it after a quick Google search. Disturbingly enough, a similarly quick search reveals the girl’s identity and that of her sister, their home address, their school (a private school, obvs), and the name and occupation of their super-rich daddy bear. (Who, incidentally, does NOT work for KPMG.) I have decided against naming the girl here, since name and shame is pretty redundant in this case.

In the video, the affectionately nicknamed ‘KPMG girl’ calls the guy filming her a ‘pleb’ who only earns ‘like ten euro an hour.’ She says that her ‘dad is the highest earning partner in KPMG,’ while a mortified friend defeatedly looks at the camera. Most people are guilty of the odd brain fart after a few beverages, but the content and sheer ignorance of the girl’s rant appears to have left a sour taste in many mouths.

This is exactly the type of class conflict we should be trying to avoid in a day when every second young graduate is hopping on a plane to Oz because of the lack of money and jobs in our society.

Some say that the little madam got what she deserved, whilst others (and rightly so) worried about the recent spate of suicides as a result of cyber-bullying. The girl in question deleted her Twitter and Facebook accounts due to the amount of abuse and attention she was receiving, and online speculation claims that she has ‘moved to Spain.’ Another source says the family have gone skiing in Austria until the bad press ‘blows over.’ Maybe this situations teaches us something, and we should all be a little more careful. The power of social networking can be used for good, for evil, and for everything in between.