9 ways to stay safe on a night out

“Stay together!”, “Keep your phone on you!”, “Watch your drink!”
Everyone has had their mammy shout this tried and tested advice to them on the way out the door to the pub while being too excited to notice. But believe it or not, mammy’s advice is often the best!
Having fun on a night out is important, but staying safe and making it home are priorities. Here are ten small ways to ensure you enjoy your night, but stay safe too.
Plan ahead
And I don’t just mean what you’ll be wearing. On the day of going out, make sure you have enough to eat, and drink plenty of water to avoid the alcohol affecting you as much that night.
Have your phone charged and ready, and make sure you have your keys, cash and any other essentials to hand when you need them. Less to worry about, right?
Safety in numbers
Guys always make fun of girls’ habits of going to the bathroom in a group, but there’s a lot to be said for staying together.
Whether you’re going into the nightclub, dancing, or leaving to go home, always stay together – being on your own can make you more susceptible to danger, so stay with your group.
Keep an eye on your drink
Okay, I’m really stealing from the mam’s book of advice here, but this is seriously important. Don’t let your drink out of your sight, especially if you’re around new people, and if you do set it down and forget about it for a while, buy a fresh one.
Even if you think you’ve kept a close eye on your drink, if you notice anything odd or off with it, like it smelling or looking different, throw it out.
People always think they’re being careful, but spiking happens more often than you’d like to think, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.
Have a meeting point
We all know those clubs that once you get in, the coverage on your phone disappears. If you and your mates get separated, make sure you’ve all agreed on a spot to meet back at so no one’s left alone.
It could be the front door, the bar in the corner, the DJ booth – it might sound childish, but it’s the best way to find each other again without relying on unheard phone calls.
The buddy system
The night’s in full swing, and you’re having a great time on the dancefloor when you look over at your mate and realise she’s had a bit too much for one night.
If you see a friend who’s had too much to drink, bundle them into the taxi and take them home. It might cut your night short, but you’d want them to do the same for you, and knowing that they got home safe is most important.
Secret stash
We’ve all been there; after having a brilliant night out, you go to get a taxi and realise you’ve zilch money left and you left your card at home ‘to be sensible’. Not the best place to be.
When getting your cash for the night, put a tenner away somewhere that you won’t touch while you’re out. It could be in your sock, the inside pocket of your bag, taped to your undies – you’ll thank yourself when the end of the night rolls around.
It’s all in the details
The night’s been had and you’re all ready to leave. Some of your friends live ten minutes away, some an hour, so getting different taxis makes sense.
However, if anyone is on their own in the taxi, make sure to take down the car’s license plate number and have them text you the taxi driver’s details, which are normally found on the dashboard.
Avoid unfamiliar territory
An after party might sound like the best way to round off a night, but if it’s in an area that you don’t know your way around, or if you don’t know the person hosting, give it a miss.
Your safety and peace of mind is more important than a party that, in all honesty, probably won’t add to your night (you know the saying: nothing good ever happens after 3a.m!)
Check yourself
It’s great to have fun and let loose but remember to check in with yourself over the course of the night to make sure you’re still where you need to be head-wise.
Have you had a little too much to drink? Do you have all your essentials in your bag or pockets? Do you know where everyone is?
If you find yourself not feeling completely in control, sit down, grab some water and gather yourself. If you feel you’ve reached your limits, let your friends know and head home.
Knowing your mind and body is the best way to ensure your night stays fun and carefree, without getting to be too much.
Staying Yourself on a night out is the best way to stay safe. For more information on Diageo’s Stay Yourself campaign, visit http://www.stay-yourself.eu/