6 differences between student nights & a night out “back home”

There is a host of differences between going on a student night out in Dublin, and going on a night out down home in the country. 
These are just a few that let you know when you’re in the big smoke or out in the shticks. 
The barman
In many a country pub, the barman tends to take on more than one role during the night. He can go from barman, to bookmaker, to therapist, to taxi in a single night. 
In Dublin, however, the barman is often just a mustache talking about hops, and craft beers to anyone who’ll listen. 
In the city, it’s super easy to get a taxi to bring you home, provided you’ve not spent all your money in the club. 
But in the country, if your local barman doesn’t double as a taxi service at the end of the night, or you don’t have a lift pre-organised, you best hope you’re wearing comfy shoes for the walk home! 
Depending on how far out in the sticks you live in relation to the local pub, you could have a long walk ahead of you! 
Chances are, whatever your taste in music, you’ll be able to find a club or pub in Dublin playing what you like. From house or techno, to some Indie, a city’s club scene is vast and diverse. 
Down the country however, the choice is likely limited to a trad band or a jukebox with the latest music from 2007 on it! 
If you’re lucky enough to find a local where a DJ plays on the regular, it’s probably the same guy every week rocking the same old mama to the same old wagon wheel. 
Kebab or pizza?
One of the best things at the end of a night out is the food on the way home. In the city, the choice of food is almost endless, from various fast food chains, to kebab shops, pizzerias, and even chippers catering to vegans. Whatever you are craving, you likely won’t have to stray too far to find it. 
In the country, your choice is much more limited, with maybe only one or two chippers open in the wee hours for your greasy food fix. 
Brown shoe crew
The height of fashion in the country pub is far from the painted on skinny jeans, muscle tees and desert boots you’ll find fellas sporting in the capital city. 
You can spot this group of guys a mile away in a blue shirt, straight cut jeans and their best pair of brown shoes, drinking a pint of stout or cider. 
Though sometimes they venture into the city while studying something like agriculture or engineering, their hearts remain in the green fields of home, where they swear “the pints just taste better”.
Casual encounters 
If your goal on a night out is to find the next love of your life, your chances may just be upped by the sheer volume of people on a night out in the city. 
In a country pub, however, you’ve a narrow choice. The dilemma between choosing the people you went to playschool with that you’ve known since you were four, or the middle-aged men and women who talk about the “good auld days” at the bar. 
The morning after
Something we all have in common is the cure that is needed the next morning after a good night out. Whether you’re a die-hard chicken fillet roll and a can of coke fan, or you prefer a fry up breakfast and a cup of tea, one thing’s for sure – the first bit of food the morning after a night out is the most delicious and most crucial meal of the day! 
Wherever your night is, make sure to stay safe and Stay Yourself. Visit Diageo’s http://www.stay-yourself.eu/ for more information.