Survival Guide

Tips for those struggling to make friends in college

So you have the course of your dreams and to put it nicely you will be feeling as happy as a pig in muck. New surroundings, new people, but what about struggling to find your feet again? This is an article based on tips and helping those struggling to make friends in college.
Okay so I won’t lie here but as soon as I got my CAO course I searched for the fresher’s group page out there. Eventually, I found the page that I needed. In the fresher’s page, students just like yourself post about the course they are doing. This can be a great way to make friends prior to college. I found someone who is now one of my best friends in college by commenting on one of the posts on the fresher’s Facebook page. A good tip to make friends in college is just to keep your eyes peeled. Always be on the lookout for these pages or group chats because you never know who you will connect with and then bump into.
For me, I never really suffered from making friends in the past. I somehow would knock great craic out of a brick wall and nearly talk in my sleep, but when I went to college it was a different thread of wool to play with.
I moved away from home for the first time and majority of my friends weren’t going to the college I was going to. So I had to really try to ‘fit in’. When I first moved up to the big smoke, one of my first friends was my roommate. The night I first moved up to the wonderful Larkfield Pad on the DCU accommodation, the SU were holding a social event which was their annual BBQ for the new freshers.
To cut a long story short, college social events can really make you lots of new friends. Also by going to as many social events the college has to offer can really get you into making friends from all around the country.
Join as many clubs and societies the college has to offer or the ones you are interested in. A great way to mix is with a common interest shared in these societies. Whether it’s the friends society, the tea society or the skateboard society just go with the flow.
Even now when I am no longer a fresher, I still attend the social events in the college because I never say no to making new friends. For the college, in order to make new friends, you have to get out of the comfort zone and really make an effort. You never know what a simple hello can really do.