Survival Guide

Tips for the college commuter life

Many of us in this little country have been very lucky to attend University. Some have the opportunity to live at home and save whatever us college students can afford- but are those savings worth it if you live over an hour away? I myself live in North Dublin and according to my Dublin friends, I live so far away I’m often slagged for living in ‘the sticks’. Leaving the house 2 hours before a lecture, I often feel like I’m on the way to the airport for a flight. Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do about these long hours of travel – we can only make the most out of the time and prepare in advance.
1. Prepare the night before.
Packing your bag the night before college is essential. Doing this means you avoid forgetting something at 6:30 am the next morning. Living far away means you can’t afford to leave your essay or laptop at home. Yes, you might be tired that night, but trust me you’ll regret it the next morning when you have to solve the mystery of the disappearance of your camera battery.
2. Plan for the day.
Try your best to plan what you’ll need for the day, how long you’ll be staying and if you need extra food to save yourself from spending extra money. Often, you might not realize you need food until you’re stuck on the bus knowing you’ll have to wait over an hour to eat.
3. Use time on transport wisely.
The time spent on transport can be used to read over notes, catch up on some reading or plan an essay. Of course there are times when you’d rather watch a feature length film, but doing something during your journey is better than nothing at all.
4. Early bus = less stress.
Get a bus that will get you to college about fifteen or thirty mins before a lecture starts. There’s nothing worse than sitting on a bus in traffic knowing that you’ll be half an hour late for the only lecture you have that day.
5. Fill your day.
Spending 2 hours getting into college for a one hour lecture can often seem like a complete waste of time. However, spending time before or after the lecture doing some work, meeting with friends or getting involved in a society can make it worth your long journey.