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The Best Christmas Gift Guide For Her

With Christmas right around the corner, we are all scrambling to buy any gifts we have left to get for our nearest and dearest. This isn’t always as easy as we first think and often we are stuck for ideas on what presents to get. Still wondering what to get your sister, girlfriend, mam, best friend and/or granny? Then you have come to the right place. I’m going to give you a few gift ideas on what to get for her.

1. Fluffy pyjamas

You can never go wrong when buying pyjamas, this gift works for any of the women in your life, we all love a lovely set of cosy pyjamas and a set of fluffy socks to match. At the moment Penney’s are doing great sets that come complete with socks and an eye mask, all inside a nice box (Making it so much easier to wrap those PJ’s). They are also very budget friendly ranging from €8-€17, meaning you won’t be breaking the bank.

2. Makeup

For any of the makeup lovers in your life, getting them some makeup is always a great option. I would advise to stay away from foundations as gifts unless you know the correct shade but this can be hard if you’re opting to buy them a new brand. However makeup palletes such as eyeshadow, highlighter or contour palletes are always a good gift for anyone who likes makeup. The good thing about these is they range from being very reasonably priced to rather pricey, so whether you have a small budget or want to spend a little more there will be something that fits your budget. If you’re looking for one that’s a little cheaper then Boots is the one to try. Top tip: Sleek do great eyeshadow palletes and they aren’t very expensive. Then if you’re looking to spend a little more Urban Decay do great eyeshadows that anyone will be happy to receive Christmas morning.

3. Clothes, Clothes, Clothes

So buying clothes for the women in our lives often proves difficult, but if you are buying for a fashion lover, why not get them vouchers for their favourite shops/online clothing websites. A voucher for Boohoo is a great option, they are always doing sales, so you can be sure they are getting plenty for the money and that way they can choose exactly what they want.

4. Phone case

Everyone these days has a phone so if you’re stuck for gift ideas, then a phone case can be a great idea. Plus they are seriously budget friendly. Amazon do great phone cases for all phones. Buying a phone case that showcases someone’s favourite tv show or celebrity is a cool quirky gift. Last year I received a phone case complete with a list of F.r.i.e.n.d.s quotes on the back and I love it. A handy option for Christmas!

5. Jewellery

Finally, jewellery is great for that special someone or for a mother/grandmother. A bracelet or necklace is something that anyone will be happy to receive at Christmas, and will hold a lot of sentiment when given to us by someone special. Pandora bracelets are gorgeous and once someone has one you can then continue to buy them charms, making it a great idea as not only does it work for this Christmas but future birthdays and Christmases too.
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