Whatifi: the ultimate social connection app

There is a viral photo I’ve seen many times on my Facebook timeline, saying hi to all the momentary best friends you’ve made in a club bathroom as you fixed your lippy and pep talked a crying girl whose fella ditched her for the lads. 
“It’s his loss hun,” you and the other five girls squished in front of the mirrors assure her and then off you go on your merry way into the cattle mart that is a student-filled nightclub.
You never see the girls again, but every once and a while it crosses your mind how they may have been good craic to have as friends in real life too.
And boys, I know there’s times when you wish you could contact those lads you randomly sessioned with at Electric Picnic from Carlow – or was it Kilkenny?
So, what if I told you there’s an app for that? Because now there is – ‘Whatifi’.
The result of 18 months planning and development by Dubliners Conan Moriarty and Ken FitzGerald, Whatifi works by remembering all the places you visit and it updates the user’s private social timeline the next day. 
Users can then review the places they visited the night before by tapping the venue on the timeline screen and then they can see all the other users that attended that venue at the same time. They are then free to send an introduction and begin a conversation.
No longer will it be the case that the stolen glance at some hot lad at the bar who didn’t pluck up the courage to come talk to you is all that will ever be between two people. 
That boy may wake up regretting he didn’t approach you and now Whatifi can solve his problems. You will be cosying up for a date in Java in no time!
According to founders Ken and Conan, the events we attend tell the strongest story of who we are as people. 
In terms of clubs, concerts or festivals, historically thousands of people shared a social experience at a venue but didn’t get to meet many of the fellow attendees that obviously like the same band, music or DJ. 
Whatifi solves that problem as it allows people to connect post attendance, “Hey great gig last night, what did you think?”
The name itself is very clever – a play on the words ‘What If I?’
“What If I had stopped?”
“What If I had said something?”
“That What if I moment could have changed my life.”
These are all questions Ken and Conan believe we have all asked ourselves many times after events and nights out and so the idea of Whatifi was born.
Currently, Whatifi is funded by the founders themselves and they are working with another graduate, Gavin Delaney. They plan on expansion to the UK and Europe in 2016 and are currently seeking seed investment.
The app launched last Monday and is available on the App and Play Stores.