Top 4 worst things about not having internet

How did we ever get by without being able to find out about literally anything, book tickets, buy clothes, listen to music or even watch TV with just the touch of a fingertip and a reliable connection?

1. Trying to get around

‘Sure I’ll just pop down to the bus stop’, says you, late on a Sunday morning. ‘Sure the bus to town is every twenty minutes’. You arrive only to find those horrible little orange lights on the screen telling you that the next bus isn’t for 35 minutes. If only you had access to a mobile device that would allow you to see exactly when and where the next one is, you would have had time for that cup of tea and extra episode of Breaking Bad. And on that note…

2. Waiting months to see your favourite show

Let’s face it, Irish and British television can fall a little behind with the newest seasons of the likes of New Girl, The Office and Mad Men. Not to mention that Netflix-only classics like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards only really functionwith a decent internet connection. Having reliable access to the internet is the only way you can avoid your friends absolutely ruining the end of your favourite series before you get a chance to catch them on TV. Speaking of friends…

3. Being out of the loop

Gone are the days of texting everyone to see who’s bouncing around college and available for a coffee. Your friends now communicate via the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook. It is an essential part of any self-respecting sociable student to be able to receive all and every invite (even if you turn most of them down), knowledge is power after all! 

Not forgetting that Facebook reminds you when it’s time to leave for your friend’s 21st along with listing it’s exact location via Google Maps. In fact, Google Maps has long since replaced the social awkwardness of having to ask strangers for directions, these are the crutches upon which our social lives now revolve!

4.  Being unable to de-tag yourself

There is nothing worse than the absolute fear you get when your best friend tags you in a photo after a night out. Imagine, even worse than this unwarranted notification is not being able to mentally index on the all-important “ah that’s grand” to “this picture is going to ruin my career” scale? Or, worst of all, when your Mum has recently discovered the joys of Facebook and insists on tagging you in the comments section of every baby video she comes across. Who taught her how to put the @ sign before your name anyway?

So, it’s safe to assume, for all intents and purposes, that your social (and by extension ‘actual’) life will come to a crashing halt should you be without a powerful and reliable internet connection at all times. Step forward Meteor and their new half price broadband offer for students. Half-price, Superfast 4G Internet from €9.99 per month….check out the details at this link: