Social media in college – the do’s and don’t’s

One great way to connect with new people is, of course, on social media. But never set up a social media account blind, it’s always best to tweak it a bit and make it your own.
Here’s some tips for the two big social networks, Facebook and Twitter, on how to get them going for your new college life.
Know who your friends are. If you see a name you’re not familiar with trying to become friends with you, it might be best to ignore them or decline them. They can be spammy account that will ruin your feed and make Facebook a pain to use.
Turn on the setting that lets you approve photos you’re tagged in before they appear on your feed. Your first few nights out may be a life-changing experience, with photographic proof that makes it look bad. Turn this setting on and you’ll control what photos you’re in.
Is Facebook for friends or family? If you add your Great Aunt Mary, she might be prone to liking and sharing everything you do, making you ripe for some slagging from your friends. Make the decision if you want to have Facebook be for just your personal friends or the extended family.
Know who sees your stuff. Set up your security settings so that only your Facebook friends see your posts, not just any Joe Bloggs with a Facebook account.
Have a strong password. You’ll never know who’s looking over your shoulder in the library or computer lab, so just have a strong, lengthy password to stay safe. Have a mix of letters, numbers and other characters.
Have a good username. When you set your Twitter account up when you were 16, @KingKev6969 might’ve been a cool username, but not anymore. Get a good name, simple enough to easily say.
Have a catchy bio. Whether it be a quote, song lyric, stupid joke, or straight-forward description, a good bio on your Twitter account will let people know you do mean business here.
Make lists. If you want to use Twitter professionally, say if you’re some form of media student, making a lists will let you collate loads of users tweeting about the same thing. Great for breaking news, live sport, or keeping up to date on a certain topic.
Pin a tweet to the top of your feed. Had a successful tweet with plenty of retweets that you’re proud of, then pin it to the top of your feed for all to see right away when the visit your account.
Again, have a strong password. Just like Facebook, or any online account, a good strong password is the first, and usually best, line of defence from being hacked or embarrassed online.
Photo: Jason Howle/ Flickr