Review: linx 8 tablet

Tablet computers have become a widely accepted technological accessory, like a mouse and keyboard. Some are good enough to be classified as a “computer” – such as the iPad Air or Surface Pro 3. However most fall under the category of secondary device, destined for use for entertainment rather than productivity.
A big part of that decision comes down to screen size. Anything above 9.x inches is fine to get some actual work done on, mainly word processing and maybe a little photo editing. Under that size, and it becomes rather generic and same old, same old.
This is unfortunately the case with the Linx 8 tablet. Running Windows 8.1, it is a fairly standard fare when it comes to hardware, sporting an Intel Atom processor, an 8-inch 1280×800 display and black plastic body. It’s very much a run of the mill, generic tablet.
It is not like the premium product tablets we seen at the start of last year. In the last 12 months, we’ve seen them morph into slightly lesser, cheaper devices. This is an obvious example of that.
It’s not a bad device, it’s fine for browsing the web, checking emails and maybe watching a movie or two. But beyond that, you’ll be out of luck. Its middling processor won’t handle a whole much else.
That’s okay though, because it’s a worthy compromise when you see the price of the device. It’s available from €130. That’s a fantastic price for a second device, a tablet that’s not going to replace your laptop, but live in your purse or schoolbag for whenever you want to browse around the Internet on a bigger screen than your phone.
As I’ve said in previous reviews, I have problem with Windows on a tablet, especially on a low-budget, sub-10 inch tablet like this. It’s fine for the simple tasks I said above, but with a dearth of apps available in the Windows App Store, you’re not going to be getting a whole lot of interesting stuff other than mail and browsing.
It’s a fine secondary, accessory device, with a suitable price. Just don’t expect a whole lot from it, and you’ll get along fine.