Addicted to likes

Whether we like it or not, we judge each other by our presence on social media. By even posting this article, I am nervous myself that it will only get two likes and then people will see that and think “oh the poor girl is so unpopular”. But I’ve decided to push past that wall and go ahead with it.
An episode of Black Mirror called ‘Nosedive’ opened my eyes to the facts of the way life is nowadays. The whole premise of the episode is that people judge you, give you a score, and your social circles are defined by that score.
Which is true.
We all know there’s the popular kids, the average kids and the ones we call “odd” to make ourselves feel better. The reality of it is, we always want people who we view as ‘below us’. We’re on a ladder and (cliché coming your way) we want to be on the top. But what does being at the top mean? It really means getting a few hundred likes on the profiler and feeling adored by many when in fact (truth bomb) you probably don’t even adore yourself that much.
I suppose I’m writing this because it makes me angry that that’s the way it is. Monitoring likes on social media platforms has become an obsession and an addiction, one I also partake in. Likes are our oxygen and they feed our egos. We want them to fill a self-conscious void or portray a better version of ourselves.
I’ve always wanted to be the person who doesn’t care about likes or favourites or whatever but I am. It’s a positive thing when I want it to be. “Got a loada likes on that there, well chuffed”. But then when I get very few likes I get anxious. “Jaysus christ only 10 likes on me recent Insta, they’ll think I’m an awful saddo”. Will they? Probably.
The point I’m trying to make is it’s pretty stupid, but that’s just the way it is. We want likes, we get likes, we give likes. And most of the time we don’t even actually “like it”. So a new year’s resolution of mine is to try not to care as much. Will I succeed? Unlikely.