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'Digital Safety Commissioner' To Be Appointed This Year

Following the increasing concerns for children and young people online, the government is appointing a Digital Safety Commissioner this year. Even though doubts were raised by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

5 of The Top Hashtags on Twitter Today

Twitter is a non-stop news circulation platfrom that everyday brings something new to the forefront. We have picked out the top 5 trending topics on Twitter to keep you in the loop. 1.Charles Manson:

Data Protection and Online Privacy: How To Protect Yourself

Data Protection, simply put, is about putting you in control of your personal information. It is a fundamental right under European Law, safeguarding your privacy and your personal data. When you

Pervasive Advertising Online: Is It Still Effective?

We can’t go a day without being exposed to advertising. Whether it is on TV, billboards or pop-ups on our phones, ads are everywhere. According to The Irish Times, online advertising rose by 31%

Does social media make us more connected or more isolated?

I often feel as though the birth of the group chat brought about the death of the group activity. It seems almost impossible to organise a time and place where you can draw everyone in a group chat

Galway conference to explore 'the art of software development'

Developing software is an art form, according to the Information Technology Association of Galway (ITAG) and something that is reflected in this year’s AtlanTec ’17 Festival. As part of this