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Holiday destination: playa de las americas, tenerife

Whether you’re on a student holiday, on a couple’s retreat or on a family holiday, your interests and needs will be catered for in this Canary Island resort. And with many Irish and British students working in Tenerife for the summer months, Playa de Las Americas becomes a warmer home away from home.  

Firstly, the food is anything but cultural or Spanish. In fact it resembles the home cooked meals found on our own shores. Large courses are produced by every restaurant and the seaside strip is dotted with high-end restaurants and appetising steak houses. If you’re really homesick on holiday or simply want a cheap meal, you can always stop by any of the Burger King or Mc Donald’s outlets which occupy the resort. Good value meals are not hard to come by either as a 16 ounce T-bone steak can be ordered for just 15 euro.

Secondly, the Tenerife nightlife is renowned for those crazy nights out. The two most often talked about night clubs are located in the city centre, Linekers and Tramps. Tramps resembles the large, multi floor structure of the common night clubs here in Ireland while Linekers is somewhat more extravagant. Despite its small size, Linekers boasts a huge smoking area and when it gets quiet, the bar staff dance on the bar in front of customers!

Strip poles are present in the majority of bars, even in Irish bars such as O’ Neills, which offers great promotion deals so don’t be intimidated by the silver poles. Night clubs such as Tramps and Linekers host numerous strip poles too, however these seem to be for the customers to dance around and pose for photographs on.  What is to be admired about Playa de Las Americas is that even the night life has something to offer everyone. On my travels I found a laid back reggae beach bar offering cocktails, a Bob Marley soundtrack and board games to locals and tourists alike.

One huge advantage to young tourists staying and partying in the resort of Playa de Las Americas is the promotion offers and drinks discounts. Don’t be afraid when a young Irish or British person approaches you on the street at night as they are more than likely working for a bar or night club in the area and simply want to give you an offer for multiple drinks at a low cost.

Thirdly, Tenerife is not an expensive island despite its popularity. The boom created by tourism on the Canary Islands, has allowed for tax free shopping on many luxury items including designer clothes. The Safari Centre in Playa de Las Americas is home to many labels. Supermarkets are plentiful and many are 24-hour, however make sure to shop around as alcohol and sun screen prices vary from shop to shop. Flights with Ryanair to Tenerife South fluctuate generally around the 100 euro mark and a website which will help you regarding inexpensive accommodation choices is .

Finally, be aware that there is a strong presence of the many diverse Spanish police forces in an area such as Playa de Las Americas, where such a large number of young foreigners travel to in bulk. You will hear of muggings near the beaches at night so avoid visiting the beach after clubbing. In general, the resort of Playa de Las Americas is safe and everything is in walking distance from the several accommodation locations. So if you are planning a last minute Leaving Cert holiday, or simply fancy a week away with friends or family, Playa de Las Americas is the perfect place for relaxing and partying.