Survival Guide

6 Tips To Survive A Long Distance Relationship

So for one reason or another, you’ve somehow found yourself miles away from your beloved and you’re not exactly loving the situation. Whether you’re in different colleges, on

What's It Like Studying Abroad?

Moving away from home can be tough, but moving away from home to a different country is even more difficult. It’s hard at any age but especially a young age. Ciera Joyce (19), moved to Bangor in


I have been living in Ghent, Belgium for just over a month now. But it feels like I have lived here forever. Funny as I barely have two sentences of Dutch to my name. I haven’t yet tired of

Trump & kenny

Every year our Taoiseach visits the American president on St Patricks Day, a tradition that dates back to the 1950s.   Although some people may see the tradition as an embarrassment to

Worldwide christmas traditions

Christmas is coming and bringing the usual traditions along with it.  Christmas trees, presents, stockings, Christmas music, turkey are back on the shopping list as the preparations are well

Your leaving cert holiday essentials

For those of you who are sitting your Leaving Cert this year, you should be well on your way to acing your pros in English, have your chemistry definitions learned off  and your German oral