Survival Guide

Nine things you realise when you go home for christmas break

So you’ve returned back home from your college life, you’re full of turkey and Celebration chocolates and mid food coma you realise a few things…
1. You really miss your college friends.
Yes, those people you know for a grand total of 13 weeks. You miss hanging around with them on campus, playing Hangman with them in lectures and most importantly, deciding whether or not to go to said lectures (adapting the “well if you’re not going, I’m not going” approach).
2. Board Games are the Devil.
Monopoly, card games, Pie Face- you name it, it will make or break your family.
3. Stephens Day.
This is essentially a day where you go to your local, terrible nightclub and reminisce with old friends as if you haven’t seen them in years (when realistically it was probably your summer Debs) and promise to meet up soon! That’s probably (definitely) not going to happen.
4. Your siblings are more irritating than you thought.
You will never forgive them for eating the last Malteasers Celebration.
5. You missed your dog/cat more than your siblings.
That goes without saying.
6. You DO NOT miss having to buy your own food.
Hey, it’s not your problem if you finished the last of the milk.
7. You’re no city slicker.
The temptation of wanting to order a cheeky Four Star Pizza turns to feelings of sadness when you realise you live in the back end of nowhere, and a Goodfellas will have to do.
8. Drink.
Having that “newly legal” feeling when your relative offers you a drink, to which you politely decline in case your ma catches you, as if you don’t knock back shots of Sambuca in Carbon.
9. It’s good to be home.