Survival Guide

New year beauty resolutions

However, if this year you want to make some positive changes to your beauty routine, here are some simple resolutions that you will actually be able to commit to.
Drink more water
It is possibly the most overused piece of beauty advice, but the benefits that drinking water has on our skin cannot be stressed enough. Our skin is made up of 64 per cent water, so if we don’t consume an adequate amount of H2O, our skin becomes dehydrated. This leads to skin that appears dull and dry, and is more likely to cause blemishes. However, gulping down the recommended two litres of water everyday helps increase blood flow to the face, giving you a more radiant complexion, and plumping up your face to fill in wrinkles and pores.
Wear sunscreen
This advice is something that the large majority of Irish people are guilty of ignoring. As we rarely see much sunshine, we tend to skip using sunscreen on most occasions. However, even on cloudy days we are vulnerable to UV rays, so try wearing sunscreen under your foundation all year around in 2016. Protection against the sun helps to prevent wrinkles and premature aging, so your skin will thank you for it in the future.
Wash your makeup brushes regularly
If you suffer from acne, put this on top of your beauty resolution list, as it could be one of the main causes of your skin problems. It’s easy to overlook the importance of washing your brushes and beauty blenders, as visually they can often appear to be clean, and honestly, a lot of us just couldn’t be bothered giving them a regular scrub. But no matter how well you cleanse your skin, using dirty brushes will undo all of your work. Brushes that are used to apply product to your skin often have built-up bacteria and oil lodged between the bristles, so using them on a daily basis will often lead to some nasty breakouts. So this year, introduce cleaning your beauty tools into your makeup routine – experts recommend washing foundation and concealer brushes weekly, and eye makeup brushes twice a month.