Money matters

Hey big saver! 5 tips to save money on the move this semester

It’s surprising how much travelling you do during the college weeks. Whether that’s going home for a quick family visit, grabbing a taxi after a night out or just wanting a little trip around the town on local buses, its price can quickly add up. Here are five simple tips courtesy of to help soften that financial blow.


What is a student without some sort of student travel discount? Walking, mostly. To give your wallet and feet a well deserved rest why not avail of Bus Eireann and Expressway’s free €8 discount code with every student return ticket. An added saving bonus is Expressway’s free 4G Wifi giving your browsing data a break too! Click here to get your discount!

The web

Some of the greatest travel offers we can avail of come from websites- the hidden gems of the discount world. Whether that be downloading apps, regularly checking up on the transport pages website or scouring social media for last minute offers, it pays to be saver savvy online.

Shop around

Picture this. It’s raining in the dead of winter and you along with ten other tired students are aggressively searching for that single, glorious taxi light. Sick of this tradition? Break it. Prior to heading out, take a look online at some of the taxi services in your area and choose the most affordable price. Your future self will thank you!

If possible, walk.

I know, I know, walking is the bane of most student’s lives, what can we do? But if savings are big on your list of priorities and as long as it is safe to do so, walking isn’t always a terrible option. Company or a good podcast can make the time fly, or at least be used a distraction tool from your aching feet.

Stock up

Who doesn’t love a good travel snack? But some loves come at a price, usually a pretty steep one. If breaking this ritual isn’t really your thing, opt for bringing your own snacks instead of getting rid of it all together. Either buy snacks in bulk in stores to use for this occasion or get those culinary skills working and rustle up something yourself!