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Budget 2012: how will you be affected?

Budget 2012: How will you be affected?
Budget 2012: How will you be affected?
So Budget 2012 is over and we are all left wondering how the changes will impact on us. As a student, the Budget may have hit you hard. Let’s hope that can help take the sting out of it. Here is a quick summary of some of the key points which may affect you:
  • No increase to income taxes
  • VAT up 2% to 23%
  • Lower exemption threshold for Universal Social Charge raised from €4004 to €10,036
  • Undergraduate Student Contribution Charge increased €250 to €2,250 from September 2012.
  • Cigarettes up by 25 cent since midnight on 6th December
  • Petrol increased by 1.4c per litre and diesel increased by 1.6c per litre
  • Motor tax increases across all categories
Want to find out right now how you'll be affected?

Check out the Budget 2012 Calculator. This clever online instrument will let you know in a matter of seconds how much better or worse off you are as a result of Budget 2012 .However you've been affected, though, don't forget you can always lessen the hit by applying for your tax refund. provides income tax refunds from 16 countries including Ireland, the USA, Australia and Canada, and customers receive average refunds of:

  • US = $800
  • Australia = AU$2500
  • New Zealand = NZ$550
  • Canada = $904
  • UK = £963

Whether you’re an exchange student in Canada, an intern in Australia, or on a J1 Visa in the US, you’ll pay tax on your earnings. If you’ve worked abroad and haven’t yet applied for your tax refund, get in touch with  and get some extra cash for the New Year.

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