Money matters

7 Simple Ways To Last Until Pay Day

As much as we all love the Christmas – it costs. From presents to parties to post-party takeaways, our bank accounts tend to take a hit over the festive period. A lot of people also have the added pressure of getting paid before Christmas, thus leaving them to try and be fiscally responsible until their next payday, which just seems to get further and further away.

But fear not, as though it may seem impossible to last until the next time you get paid, here are some easy ways to get through that horrible in-between time:

1. Ignore the sales.

Easier said than done, I know. While you can ignore the lure of discounted dresses by simply staying away from the shops, that’s not going to stop your favourite online shops emailing you to remind you of the discounts. Stay strong, my friends. Don’t let them suck you in; just because something is on sale does not a necessity make.

2. Plan ahead.

Buses, trains and taxis can become costly after a while, so make you sure you know where you’re going and how you’re getting there. If you can get a lift off some kind soul, even better! Walk to where you need to go instead of getting a second bus, and keep your evenings out short so you can make the last bus home instead of having to fork out for a taxi home.

3. Pack your lunch.

Whether it’s work or college, make sure you take the extra few minutes to prepare your lunch. Buying lunch every day adds up to a whole lot very quickly, so a simple ham and cheese sandwich will save you spending unnecessary money.

4. Trade nights out for nights in.

You may be dying to go out with your friends, but nights out can be expensive. Swap a nightclub for one of your mate’s sitting room and have your drinks there. You’ll be able to bring your own drinks and snacks, and will actually be able to hear each other and have a proper catch up!

5. Operate on cash only.

If you are heading out and are worried about sticking to a budget, take some cash out before you leave and leave your debit card at home. If you’re like me, then the fear of not having your debit card as a back up will ensure you only buy what you need.

6. Go back to basics.

Use this penniless time as a chance to get back to basics about the main reason we’re all in college: study. Take the two weeks or so of the first semester and instead of going out two or three times a week, have a look at this semester’s syllabus and get yourself prepared. You’ll be saving yourself money and stress down the line.

7. Save it for later.

And if you’re reaaaally struggling with saving, distract yourself by making plans of what you’re going to do when eventually do have money again. Ah, procrastination.

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