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Dramatic career changes increasingly common

Postgraduate conversion courses can fast track graduates into a new area of study, enabling them to change careers without starting again from scratch.

Conversion courses to ICT

ICT is a growing industry in Ireland. According to the IDA, seven of the world’s top ten leading ICT companies have a substantial base in Ireland, with an estimated 61,000 people employed in this sector. Given its success here and the excellent potential for employment, it’s little wonder that conversion courses to ICT are gaining popularity.

DCU offers a graduate Diploma in Information Technology described in the prospectus as an ‘in-depth skills conversion course aimed at those who wish to pursue a career in the information technology field but whose primary qualification lies in an area outside IT’.

The course attracts graduates from a wide range of disciplines, including the arts, engineering, education and science.

According to Jane Kernan, chair of this diploma programme in DCU, there are lots of jobs in the IT sector and this makes the conversion course very popular.

‘Every large company and many small ones have IT departments. So people with a degree in business, for example might want to go in to IT as a crossover,’ Kernan says.

She thinks there is a huge benefit to be gained by doing a conversion course.
‘Having a postgrad in IT combined with a degree in business could get you in the door in a company and give you the edge.’

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