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Cover letters: are they still used?

A cover letter could make the difference between securing an interview or not. Here Career Advice Guru Rowan Manahan explains why.

Employers receive numerous applications for vacancies and making yours stand out by attaching a well written cover letter could make all the difference.

A covering letter can highlight your professional experience, your skill set, motivation and your attention to detail.


  • Briefly introduce yourself, state what position you are applying for and where you saw it advertised – e.g Account Manager role advertised on
  • Say why you are interested in the position ensuring that you show an understanding of what the position entails and the responsibilities involved.
  • Make sure you show that you have researched the company and let them know why you would be interested in working for that particular organisation. Perhaps show you have an understanding of their culture and goals etc.
  • State why you would be suitable for the role. Highlight specific areas in your CV that reflect how your skill set would be an ideal match for that role. Let your key strengths reflect the needs of the company
  • If there are any gaps in your CV very briefly explain why – maybe you went on an OE etc.
  • Indicate availability for interviews Remember: ALWAYS check your spelling and grammar!! This will be your introduction to a potential employer and as such you want to make a good impression. Keep it fairly formal, where possible address the letter to the person named in the ad, but don't get too formal or wordy. If you have to use a dictionary to find out what a word means the chances are so will the employer!


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