Survival Guide

It’s the little things that count

In the past couple of weeks coming up to Christmas, there has been a lot of sad news in the media. From the war in Syria to 182 people dying on Irish roads this year, it can be tough to stay
positive and focus on some of the good things happening in the world right now. 
Tesco, however, have produced a series of videos which shows family members thanking their beloved others for hosting Christmas. From mammies and grandads to neighbours and doctors,
the videos are a unique initiative and a heartfelt tribute to those we don’t often show our appreciation to and give a heartwarming insight to what Christmas should be about for us all. 
This Christmas, remember to put away your phones, appreciate everything you have and spend quality time with those you hold dear. Be sure to tell them you appreciate them!
Take a look here at some of the videos which have touched thousands of people’s hearts: