Survival Guide

How to make the most of your reading week

Reading week is the week students get a break away from the lectures and the college friends. Students may be back at home with mammies dinners (who’s complaining), but can this week become of procrastinating or can it be a week of getting assignments completed and revision for exams done? College Life Editor Laura Smith gives us some tips on how to the most out of your reading week.
1. Plan, plan, plan.
Basically, plan how you want to spend your week. Write out what assignments are approaching or if you’re behind in some lecture slides and start from there. Plan what you need to get done and of course when you’re at home have some time for yourself. Meet up with friends, catch up with family, and be social. As long as you have a plan for that week of the reading week, some rewards can be done by catching up with friends. To make the most of your reading week, have some sort of structure or plan in place.
2. Prioritize.
Is that assignment taking forever to write? Does lecture slide take too long to write down? Find a balance. Don’t spend your whole reading week focusing on an assignment that might only be worth 10 per cent and neglect that assignment that is worth 50 per cent. Dedicate time for your assignments to ensure your focus isn’t drawn to a certain module, prioritize what assignments are approaching their due date and get them out of the way.
3. Be organized.
The point of having a reading week is to ensure students get work done. However, don’t expect to get loads done when you aren’t organized. If you’re going home for reading week, ensure you have the essential books/ college necessities to get your work done. Being organized will make your life so much easier and you will get more work done.
4. Don’t stress.
The last thing you want is feeling on your week off like you want to pull all the hair out of your head or feeling like having a Lindsay Lohan meltdown. If you realize you have a lot of lecture notes to catch up on or realize you have an assignment due the first day after you come back after reading week- be calm. Okay, so what if you are a little behind in work? That is what reading week is for! Reading week is about getting work done. Less stress and spend your week wisely.