Survival Guide

How to make the most of your college commute

After commuting for almost three years on an hourly bus journey to college, I’ve learned how to make the most out of my college commute.
In these three years I’ve seen and experienced it all. Whether its the 7:30am bus to college or the 5pm bus home, you need to come prepared.
Bringing snacks on is essential for many reasons. That coffee you have snuck on can be the difference between you feeling relaxed or loosing your mind when you’re stuck in rush hour traffic.
Snacks are also very important, because eating is something to do when your phone has died and you have nothing else going on, rather than staring blankly at a road and some greenery. 
It is also the the worst feeling when you’re starving and time is standing still on public transport. Foods that crunch really loudly should be avoided because nobody wants to hear you eat.
Reading is an excellent time killing strategy while on public transport, whether you’re catching up on college work or simply scrolling up and down your social media. 
Just don’t be that person who plays Vine videos without headphones, nobody wants to hear you and nobody welcomes noise when they’re trying to get over a tough day at college.
One productive thing to do during your commute is to organise your day. Making lists will pass the time and you will feel organised and ready to take on the world.
Catching up with friends can also make a commute fly by, whether they’re there in person or if you’ve called them. Just be very aware when mentioning names, because everyone seems to know everybody and your words will probably come back to haunt you.
The entertainment value on public transport can be reality television gold. This can range from people talking really loudly about where they went out last night to others just causing an absolute scene because they’re not happy with their life. Sometimes this can be a welcomed change from the dead silence.
All things considered, sometimes the best thing you can do is absolutely nothing, listening to music while you contemplate your life can be really healthy and motivating. Sleeping on buses can be one of life’s greatest pleasures, just don’t miss your stop.