Survival Guide

How to be a Morning Person

There is some speculation whether or not morning people are a real thing. I would definitely say that I am one of those people but that doesn’t mean I always find it easy getting out of bed. My ideal morning is getting up early to grab a coffee to bring back to bed with me!

Some folk love getting up early, if the sky’s awake then they’re awake (also me). Other people are early risers out of necessity because of their jobs and possibly a long commute -but they might hate mornings! And then finally there are quite a good many people who could (and will) stay in bed until noon whenever they can.

Waking up is sometimes impossible: it’s difficult to shake off that warm, hazy and almost psychedelic kind of sleep. Personally, I hate getting caught in that so the moment I’m awake I do a couple of things to help me get out of the bed in the morning!

Make some plans: Every morning I chill in my bed for a little while just thinking of the day ahead. It can be one of my most creative and inspired moments of the day. If there’s a problem I can’t figure out, I try to let it calmly sit in my mind and allow my imagination to do the work. Or I just plan whatever outfit I’m going to stick on.

I look for the light: This part is really easy for me because my bed is up against the window. I usually just crack the curtain open a bit. I’m curious about the weather outside (like all Irish people) and this will help me in my plan making. If you have a bedside lamp, switch it on and start looking around a bit. Having some extra light will help you become more alert and aware of the morning.

Chug a pint of water: Sometimes if I’m honestly wrecked and need more sleep but I have to get up early anyway, I’ll skip both of those steps and go straight for the glass of water next to my bed! Chugging down that water has the same magical effect as a bucket of cold water in the face. It clears the sleep fog and helps you launch into action. It’s really helpful on busy days when you need to get up and get things done. My digestive system is also thankful!

Rip off the bed-aid: This is the most painful part of becoming a morning person – actually getting out of your nice warm bed! The best way to do this is to shut off your brain a little. Just don’t think about it, focus on your plans or the really great outfit you’re about to put on – is it in the laundry basket maybe? If you just pull the covers off and hop out, you’ll be up and awake without any problem. The more accustomed you become to simply getting out of bed with no fussing, the easier it gets and it stops being an issue. It takes a while but a habit will form eventually.
Now stretch and walk around: Don’t stretch out when you’re still lying in bed, you’ll just relax deeper into the mattress and getting up becomes tougher. Do it when you’re already up and ready for the day.

Reward yourself: Sometimes you feel much happier doing something you dislike when there’s a prize at the end of it. If you got out of bed a little earlier today and now you don’t have to rush around because you’re running late, find some way to reward yourself. For me, it’s enjoying my morning coffee in the comfort of my own home instead of in a travel mug while I race to the bus. It could be you now have time to perfect your winged eyeliner or make a delicious breakfast! Either way, make it something you’re happy to get out of bed for!

Story courtesy of NUIG’s online newspaper