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Free gaff at the dÁil

Last week people across Ireland were calling for Enda Kenny to cancel his annual trip to Washington DC on St. Patricks Day to meet with President Donald Trump in an effort to denounce the actions and recent executive orders introduced by Trump since his inauguration.
Mr. Trump’s executive order calling for a suspension on accepting refugees and citizens from seven Muslim majority countries in the US has led to pressure being put on Enda Kenny to cancel the trip by a small number of opposition political leaders and the public.
A spokesperson for the Taoiseach has since strongly defended Enda Kenny’s decision to make the trip to Washington and said that it would be ‘’politically negligent to break the link’’ with the US.
One person who hasn’t let the tensions affect him is Ben Clifford who set up the Facebook event ‘Free Gaff @the Dail’ on March 17. This a public event on Facebook with 1.3 thousand attending, 1.7 thousand interested in the event and a further 1.3 thousand have been invited to attend by friends.
The three day event is planned for Paddy’s Day with details of the event as follows, ” With Enda off to the Shtates to hang with Donny, Dail’s free for a Paddy’s weekend sesh. Key under the mat out back in case the front doors locked. Share the sesh, all welcome!”
Facebook users have been quick to comment on the anticipated event with one user saying “Dj Gerry Adams will be dropping an electric mix of #Bangers in the Dail Bar taking us into the wee hours’’ while another said “this could be bigger than mass” which, as most users will be aware of, was the mass event took over Facebook in Ireland with attendees and memes just before Christmas.
So there you go folks, Leinster House is the location, Paddy’s day is the date and Enda is footing the Dail Bar bill. The number of Facebook users interacting with the event through sharing, commenting and inviting friends is increasing every hour.