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5 reasons why you should consider further education

More money
It’s obvious – the more qualified you are in a particular field, the more likely you are to get a better job, thus earning more money.  Up-skilling through getting back into education will give you a head start on everyone else.
More knowledge and skills
Specialising in a different skill set will not only separate you from your counterparts, but will make you increasingly more employable when it comes to your chosen field.
College is one of the best and most accessible ways of meeting people that are going to be working for different organisations but in similar fields to you. By meeting new people, a whole host of new opportunities will come your way. Think about how many new people you will meet and befriend over the course of your studies, just by turning up for lecture.
Career change
Maybe you’ve been bored, stuck doing the same job for the last 10 or 15 years. Well now you’ve the perfect opportunity to get involved in something that will get you excited about going to work every day – all by just going back to college for a short period!
Proven work ethic
This goes without saying – you’ve already been to college, you’ve got your qualification, but you’re constantly hungry to improve yourself and to better yourself to become more productive and more successful.
So you’ve been convinced by the reasons above, but don’t know where to start when it comes to getting back into education? Well we’ve got you covered. Here’s a few things you should consider first:
– Does the subject interest you?
– Will it improve your job prospects?
– Do you plan on changing career or is it a case of up-skilling for your current field?
Just remember, even if some courses have the same name, they could be a lot different to each other and may not have the same modules or course plans. Make sure to consider:
– Do they offer work experience?
– Are there class projects?
– How long is the course?
These are just some of the questions that will arise when considering going back to education – that’s why the postgradireland Further Study Fair is essential when making these choices.
The postgradireland Further Study Fair is Ireland’s official further study event for students, graduates and people returning to full-time and part-time education in Ireland, North and South.
70 postgraduate course providers from Ireland, North and South, the UK, Europe and beyond will attend this year’s Fair.
Set to take place on February 10, 2016 at the RDS – the fair will include a Research Zone, hosted by the Irish Research Council – giving you the perfect opportunity to discover which research programmes are currently open for applications.
And if you have an interest in becoming a teacher in Ireland or elsewhere, make sure not to miss the Teaching Zone at this year’s fair.
If you’re worried about funding, the fair will also give you a run through of all funding options potentially available to you if you wish to further your studies.
For more information, just click here.