Survival Guide

Forget cramming , get a good night's sleep to ace exams

Students sitting Leaving and Junior Cert exams next week need to get as much sleep as they can – up to 10 hours a night if possible – as it will affect how they perform.   The

Tips for filling out your cao form

1. Remember; it’s YOUR choice – This might seem a bit obvious, but this is your CAO form and it should be your choices that are listed on it. Just because you’re a straight A student doesn’t

What I Wish I'd Told Myself About The Leaving Cert

As I remember it, I never told myself that the Leaving Certificate didn’t matter. One of my life goals was to go to college. I’d done a little research into courses and possible careers, then

How to get through the leaving cert: your survival guide

By the time May rolls around, it is safe to assume that every sixth year is in full panic mode. The orals and projects are complete so now all that is left is the written and listening exams. I did

An academic sabbatical: ten reasons why it works

Fashion designers, world leaders, chief executives and academics have long recognised the importance of sabbaticals of varying duration (normally weeks to a year) to provide clarity of thought.

Leaving cert 101: advice on how to get through exams

With exams right around the corner and your last few weeks of school slowly coming to a close, it’s normal for any Leaving Cert student to feel emotional stressed and overwhelmed. At 17/18 you