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End of semester stress free skin

The final few weeks of semester are go-go-go with assignments, leaving little room for self-care. Vending machine snacks, combined with a slack of sleep and gulp, stress, leaves our skin dull, dry and acne prone.

What’s worse is that once the work load is finished, you know you’ll be partying away in front of anyone and everyone’s camera. Here are our top tips to ensure you remain photo flawless throughout exam season:

1) Simplify your routine and keep to it

The last thing on your mind after a six hour study session is the famously recommended ten step Korean skincare routine. For the eventful days ahead grab some micellar water wipes (they’re slightly better for you than other chemical soaked ones), a facewash if you need it, and a simple morning/night cream. Dunzo hunzo.

2) Drink plenty of weather

Ah, the age old secret. Stress causes extra production of a hormone called cortisol which, unfortunately, decreases our natural moisturizer. Hence, the curse of study season ‘dry skin’. Drinking plenty of water is the best thing you can do to keep your skin hydrated, but according to a 2012 study, students who drink water before an exam also do up to 10pc better than those who don’t. So it’s a win-win in my eyes.

3) Make hand sanitizer your best friend

I would say ‘stop touching your face’ but that’s bit unrealistic to me. Leaning on your hands as an act of boredom goes part and parcel with the college experience. So in order to prevent transferring dirt from library books handled by student after student, year to year, bathroom break after bathroom break, keep your sanitizer close by.

4) Exercise

Stress also causes the production of adrenaline in our bodies, which decreases the blood flow to the skin, essentially neglecting it. So get up, get out, and get rid of that adrenaline. Even opting to walk to the library instead of taking the bus is something. Studying also uses up oxygen in the brain but good news, physical activity creates more.

5) Choose coffee, not energy drinks

While both contain caffeine, artificial drinks are loaded with unnecessary sugar. Yes, it gives it the sweet taste we know so well, but it also activates inflammation in your body – hello 4D pimples. Not to mention they give you a peak high, not consistent energy, which is less than ideal if you have a few hours of work to do.

Image from Flickr.