Survival Guide

Car hacks for 2017

Here are our top tips to help you save money, drive safer and have a more enjoyable journey in 2017.
Inflate your cars tyres to the right pressure
Did you know that properly inflated tyres can reduce fuel consumption by 3 per cent? Tyres lose about 1 Psi per month, particularly in winter with the cold air. Check your tyre pressure once a month and before long journeys.
Reverse and save
Reversing into car spaces can save both money and wear and tear on the engine. By leaving the car pointing in the right direction for the next journey the engine will use less fuel as it warms up from a cold start. It is better to turn the car a few times while parking at the end of a journey when the heated engine is at its most efficient temperature.
Clean wipers instead of replacing
A light bit of rain hits the windscreen and you turn on the wipers and all you get is one big smear. To stop this smearing, try cleaning your wipers rather than replacing them. Simply wipe the rubber blade clean with hot soapy water. After you clean off the soap wipe the blades with rubbing alcohol.
Save money on a valet and clean the windscreen yourself
The interior of your windscreen is a magnet for dirt and oily film, which cause visibility problems when driving into oncoming headlights or direct sunlight. Using a squeegee on the interior windscreen will create a watery mess, so use a clean micro fibre cloth and circular motion for a massive improvement with just water, or blue glass cleaner. Remember to spray the cleaner directly onto the cloth, and not onto the glass, to avoid spillages on the dash and discolouration of the plastic or vinyl.
Keep rubbish at bay
Use a cereal box-sized Tupperware container for your rubbish. Simply line with a bag for easy disposal at a filling station or home. The lid on the Tupperware box will contain any smells and spillages.
Spruce up your headlights
To clean cloudy headlights use toothpaste. Apply toothpaste to the headlight cover and use plenty of elbow grease to rub it all over. Rinse off with water. Whitening toothpaste is recommended, for that movie-star shine.
Repair small scratches
Every car picks up its fair share of scratches and marks. These can easily be fixed with nail polish that matches your car’s colour. A great excuse for men to carry nail varnish, if ever they needed one. Use a light touch, with a little varnish and apply with care.
DIY de-icer
If you find your car windows are iced up you can quickly make your own inexpensive and environmentally friendly de-icer. Mix 2/3 cup of vinegar and 1/3 of water and pour into an empty bottle with a spray nozzle. Try not to get the vinegar on your paint work as it may cause corrosion.
De-ice the car lock
A frozen door lock can be de-iced by using hand sanitizer. The alcohol in the hand sanitizer melts away the ice.
Cat Litter
A pair of on-trend heavyweight socks filled with cat litter will absorb moisture and prevent the windows from fogging up. Place the sock on your dashboard the night before and for maximum effect use a highly absorbent litter. You can also use the litter if your car gets stuck in ice or snow: Simply pour the cat litter under your wheels for traction and drive away.
Freshen up the car with a clothes’ peg
A wooden clothes’ peg treated with a few drops of essential oil and attached to the air vent is great way to keep your car smelling fresh with your favourite scent.
Elastic band phone holder
You’ve just got a new phone but it won’t fit your current car phone holder. Tie an elastic band around an air vent and pull through with screwdriver or pen. Simply tighten the rest of the band around your phone till firmly in place. Make sure to turn the air vent off to avoid over-heating your phone.
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