Survival Guide

5 things you’ll spend your reading week doing

Reading week is a break from lectures when students can catch up on readings from each module, get a head start on assignments and be a perfect student. For some top notch students this is a reality, but for most, reading week is simply a break from the stress of college.
So here the five things you’ll probably spend your reading week doing.
1. Not Reading.
As much as you love your course, there is not a chance you’re going to read about tariff laws in fifteenth century Ireland. As much as you may try to convince yourself you will sit down and read hundreds of pages of words you don’t even understand, you probably won’t.
2. Sleeping.
If you’re anything like me, sleep is the love of your life. Unfortunately, college life and sleep do not go hand in hand. You’re up late at night trying to finish an assignment, you’re going out with your friends or you’re juggling a part time job and college work. Either way, college students are just constantly exhausted. Reading week is your chance to remedy this. Turn off your alarms and get into your bed. Seven days of sleep ins.
3. Eating.
So you’re not the best cook at college. Most of your meals are frozen or take away. Finally, you’re home for a whole week and there is nothing better than mammy’s home cooked dinner. And breakfast, lunch and tea. Yes, enjoy your chance to eat as much of your mother’s lovingly prepared meals as possible. You may not have appreciated them back in your secondary school days but now you’re a starving college student, there is nothing better.
4. Meet up with your school friends.
Although you promised that college would never separate you and that you’d go out every week together, you haven’t seen your besties from your secondary school days since results night. Reading week is a great time to catch up with your pals. Even though you may have actually drifted apart since meeting more like-minded colleagues from far away, exotic lands like Cork, it is still great to have a gossip with friends who knew you since you had braces and your awkward bebo stunnah phase. Also, they’ll all know that Mary from your year is pregnant with Jimmy from the town over. Nothing like small town gossip.
5. Rush to finish assignments on Sunday.
So you’ve had a great reading week, relaxed, well fed and caught up on sleep. Well unfortunately, your friends from college will message you on Saturday night asking what you did your assignment on for your least favourite module. Then you’ll scramble to put a 2000 word essay together for your deadline at 12 noon on Monday.