Survival Guide

5 new years resolutions that you can keep

You’ve probably read countless of articles and made endless lists before you ran in the new year just a few days ago, planning your new resolutions.
It’s also just as likely that you have already failed at the overly ambitious ones.  
Maybe you were hung over New Years day after counting to midnight the night before, you decided to start Monday, then Monday passed and you’re already disheartened. 
1. Walk more
You already do it, so why not make it count. Being conscious of how much you actually walk can make a difference to your fitness. Parking the car further away, taking the stairs or walking an extra aisle in the supermarket all add up. Download a pedometer app on your phone, seeing those numbers go up can really encourage you to walk a little further every day, you’ll soon forget your even trying and get fitter without even trying too hard. 
2. Social media clean up
Tidying up your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter can make more difference than you may expect. Deleting toxic people can create a better environment online and cut out jealousy and bad vibes which all lead to more positive thinking. Unsubcribing/unliking pages full of spam, offensive content or just time consuming nonsense can save you time and means that the important things like friends posts are visible more often. 
3. Drink water
While an easy thing to do, it always remains one thing people wish they did more of. Drinking water has endless benefits including improving  skin, boosting energy, helps digestion and is even a source of calcium, the list is endless when it comes to benefits to drinking water so why not have a class in the mornings to get you started?  
Buying a filtered jug for your fridge or a filtered bottle for when you’re on the go is an easy way to start, if you’re not a fan of cold things boiled some water and add some lemon for a warming, healthy start to the day, and try drinking a little more every day until it becomes second nature. 
4. Deep breaths
Once again, you do it already, just do it more consciously. If you can’t quite make it to yoga classes, borrow one of its core practices, by simply being more aware of your breath.  Breathing deeply can improve your posture, helps with digestion, strengthens your lungs and helps with anxiety among many other things and all it takes is putting a little effort into something your body is already programmed to do.  
Just inhale through your nose while raising your belly, hold and exhale through your mouth while lowering your belly. Do this when you wake in the mornings, if you have trouble sleeping, you are feeling anxious or you are in pain. 
5. Smile
The majority of people don’t do this enough and yet is so easy to do and makes a big difference to how we feel.  Smiling makes you appear friendly and approachable, is contagious and helps improve your mood. Simple and effective and definitely something you can stick to.
So try one if not all of these as a realistic change you can make so that by 2018 you can finally say you stuck to your resolution for a whole year, without even trying all that hard.