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Are we so reliant on technology that we can't see its faults or pitfalls?

In June, the retail giant Dixons Carphone revealed that 5.9 million customer bank card details and 1.2 million personal data records had been hacked. It is relevant to bring this up again as Blackhat

Protecting Yourself: Simple Self-Defence Tips To Help Keep You Safe

Last year while making her way to work8 am 8am in the morning, a young woman fell victim to an unprovoked attack on Dublin’s Grafton Street. One startling comment she made following the assault was

What's It Like Studying Abroad?

Moving away from home can be tough, but moving away from home to a different country is even more difficult. It’s hard at any age but especially a young age. Ciera Joyce (19), moved to Bangor in

6 Tips To Survive A Long Distance Relationship

So for one reason or another, you’ve somehow found yourself miles away from your beloved and you’re not exactly loving the situation. Whether you’re in different colleges, on

Put your well-being ahead of exams, Samaritans say

Secondary school students, exam season is here and looking after our health and well-being is especially important around this stressful time. Samaritans Ireland are appealing to students, parents,

Enactus: Generation Accommodation CEO Anna O'Flynn

Anna O’Flynn, , CEO of Generation Accommodation, is passionate about empowering people. Prior to Generation Accommodation, Anna attended UCD where she studied Economics and Maths. As an alumni of