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Does Facebook Turn a Blind Eye to Hate Speech?

“Sharks need to eat too” said Facebook user, Megan, under an article detailing the jump in the number of migrant drownings and deaths on their journey to the EU. “Shout it loud, I’m

Practical Advice for Working Part Time in College

For those beginning their third level journey, there can be many factors to worry about: a new environment, homesickness, and the crushing weight of having 9 am classes five days a week. Many will

Hey big saver! 5 tips to save money on the move this semester

It’s surprising how much travelling you do during the college weeks. Whether that’s going home for a quick family visit, grabbing a taxi after a night out or just wanting a little trip around the

Making the Most of Reading Week

For many of us, reading week has arrived. The assignments are piling up, you’ve fallen behind on reading material and your notes are scattered. There may or may not be a squashed cereal bar at

6 Tips To Survive A Long Distance Relationship

So for one reason or another, you’ve somehow found yourself miles away from your beloved and you’re not exactly loving the situation. Whether you’re in different colleges, on

Mental Health: It was Only Once I Lost Myself, That I Was Able to be Found

My first semester of college was fantastic, or so I thought at the time. I side-tracked my academic pursuits for the pursuit of just wanting to have fun. It then came to the Christmas break, and