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Leaving Certificate: Tips & Advice for the Final Weeks

It’s nearly that time of year again. The sun is out and unfortunate Leaving Cert students are very much inside, giddy with anticipation and jittery with nerves. Every student coming to the end of

Creating the Perfect CV For a Summer Job

Job hunting can be a time-consuming process and creating a Curriculum Vitae aka a CV can help in the process of getting your summer job. A good CV will help you get an interview, it’s always a good

Top Five Tips For Surviving Exam Season

Exam season is just around the corner with timetables starting to be released in the coming weeks. Exams are stressful for everyone whether you’re in first year or final year. Here are five tips

Let’s Talk About Oral Exams

Leaving Certificate Orals, three words that can strike fear in any secondary school student and give war flashbacks to those who have already gone through the daunting exam. Almost all students in

Does Facebook Turn a Blind Eye to Hate Speech?

“Sharks need to eat too” said Facebook user, Megan, under an article detailing the jump in the number of migrant drownings and deaths on their journey to the EU. “Shout it loud, I’m

Practical Advice for Working Part Time in College

For those beginning their third level journey, there can be many factors to worry about: a new environment, homesickness, and the crushing weight of having 9 am classes five days a week. Many will