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It doesn't matter where you are: whether you're in Dublin, Cork, Galway or anywhere in Ireland, finding student accommodation can be impossible! That is why our student accommodation search tool is the perfect way to help you find your dream college pad! We have teamed up with to bring you a database of student accommodation so you don't have to filter through the not-so-student-friendly spots. Have a browse and good luck!

In case you have free time or a vacation, or some friends and relatives are planning to visit, make sure to find nice but not overpriced accommodation. Try to get an idea on prices, ratings and reviews from other booking sites, i.e., Expedia and other leading hotel sites.

  • For most students, moving out of home to attend college isn’t just the norm, it’s a requirement. Kerry students applying for college places in NUIG tend to search for houses near the...
  • House sharing for the first time can be a difficult to navigate. So here are some basic guidelines that will help ensure a happy household. 1. Funds Items such as bin liners, tin foil, cling film and...
  • So you’ve made it to college, you’re ready at last to pull away from the comforts – or constraints, whichever way you want to look at it – of living at home with the folks and...
  • The day my Dad dropped me off at my new home I offered him a cup of tea straight away – just so he wouldn’t leave me on my own. I came close to tears when he declined the offer, said his...
  • Many of us approach the issue of rent as we would a restaurant menu – everything has a set, static price that must be paid. However, like at a market food-stall, there can be room for...
  • Yes, the CAO forms are filled out, the Leaving Cert is around the corner, and adult life is beckoning. But what can you, dear Leaving Cert student, do to ease your parents’ pain? How can you...
  • It’s nearly that time of year again, when student trek from letting agent to letting agent to try grab a crib worth of MTV standard for a price that allows a social life as well. And of course...
  •   Student Accommodation
  • To survive week-in week-out, you’ll need to be stocked up with all the things you didn’t need to think twice about when you were pampered at home; now it’s time to get real, and get...
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