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Valentines Day – Is It Worth The Hassle?

The 14th of February is almost upon us once again. For some this time of year is filled with glowing feelings of love and a sense of warmness in the soul. This, however, cannot be said for everyone. For example, those who may be soothing an aching heart for the one that once was, or those who are grieving for the person who was once the love of their lives. It must be said, however, that it’s a time of year that is surely very much over-rated. Not alone this but also a very expensive time of year too.

For example, roughly twenty years ago, this was a simple occasion for those loved up couples wishing to spend the rest of their lives together..albeit ending in tears sometime later! The point is that before this occasion became commercialised, this day 14th February was maybe a card, or a rose or a box of inexpensive truffles. However, the story is very different today in 2019.

Valentine’s Day is now all about the commercialisation of what was once a simple occasion. It’s about the restaurants, the jewellery, the make-up, hair, tan, new shirt, new shoes..the list is truly endless. Not to mention the over-priced fresh flowers, the cards and the chocolates to go with them! For those who wish to declare their undying love, there is the much sought after engagement ring along with all the other stuff.

This year, the day of love falls on a Thursday, most people would probably celebrate the weekend beforehand, since it falls on a school night for those in employment.

Fear not that with all this commercialisation stuff, there is always hope; so much so that Dealz are offering €1 engagement rings on sale nationwide. Word has it that they are currently flying off the shelves. Particularly for the times we live in, whereby money is scarce and unemployment is high. Some might argue that this indeed might be the only option available to them.

One Galway singleton in his 30s says “I’m so relieved to be single, she used to cost me a small fortune at this time of year, I didn’t see much in return either as it goes. I wish people well but, I was in a relationship for 10 years with a nice girl but she was expensive to be fair, I don’t miss it. It’s just like Christmas money wise.”

According to research by Lindt chocolates, men who in the past would have opted for cards, are now sending love messages in a text message or in email form. This truly makes one wonder what the point is, in sending a message to an admirer or otherwise, when the fun is taken out of it in some way. Where is the chase so to speak? As a woman in her late 30s who is currently studying for her Master’s in Journalism, the idea of Valentine’s does not necessarily hold much meaning as I’m too career driven at this point.

No disrespect to all you lovebirds out there!