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The Worlds Obsession With Romanticising Serial Killers

People’s obsession with male serial killers has always been an odd notion, but infamous killer Ted Bundy has had a following of women who think he was quite a handsome and charming individual, since his first imprisonment.

The documentary ‘Confessions With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes’ was released last month on Netflix and the craze around his persona, has caught new wind yet again, with new fans joining the fandom.

Girls would tweet about how hot he was and that they too would be dead if they met him; suggesting they would have fallen for him and his “charming” persona.

Such comments were shocking to other people on the internet, as they couldn’t believe that these ‘fans’ wouldn’t be able to see past the looks and nice talk for someone who was deeply sinister underneath. People tried to stress on Twitter to think about the victims and their stories.

The documentary itself worked Bundy up as this handsome normal guy with a psychology degree and the ability to charm anyone. Whilst also painting a detailed picture of his awful crimes. These contrasting views of Bundy are most likely the source of the fascination for him.

This fascination has grown as a new film called Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile is coming out very soon starring Zac Efron as the notorious serial killer.

Zac Efron, best known for his role as Troy in Disney’s High School Musical, is known as being a heartthrob for as long as his career has been going on and his new role as Bundy, fuels the attraction towards not only the killer but the story itself. This has left people holding onto something after the documentary, who can’t wait to see the actor in action.

The phenomenon of people being fascinated with serial killers and often romanticising them does not only start and end with Ted Bundy. There are similar groups of people that have an attraction to other killers such as Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. These two young American men were school-shooters, who opened fire at Columbine High School, which they attended in Colorado, killing 13 people in 1999. They then committed suicide after their killings.

Since then, there has been a group called “Columbiners” that surfaced on the internet, mainly the social media site Tumblr, where some romanticise and celebrate the two murderers.

Videos, old pictures and quotes of them are being shared. More so, playlists such as the “Columbine/School Shooting playlist” were made, in which the actual name was “Shotgun”.

All these activities are part of the fascination people have with crime stories and on some level, they relate to the killers whether they feel like outcasts or they feel like not belonging in some way.

Whilst it is possible to simply be interested in crime and gore, there will always be people bringing it to an extreme.