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7 weird and wonderful condom apps

Make sure you protect yourself with these seven handy apps.


This app allows you to locate the nearest place to your current location to find condoms. It also invites users to input information such as price and opening hours. Beware of people selling condoms from their house at 50c a pop. That’s just weird.

Condom size

This app allows you to input your measurements and it will give you a list of condoms that will fit properly. The app also has a section for ‘fun facts’ such as the fact that the first condom ever made was made from linen. More importantly the app has a share function for social media which is ideal if you’re a shower…

How2use: Condom

This hilarious app suggests, with illustration, alternative uses for condoms. You get 16 ideas for 89c on the app store including using a condom as a mouse trap or to waterproof your phone. Be creative.

Condom Booth

This app allows you to create customised condom wrappers using photos or “cutey” items. You can use special effects and add text. For real.

SOS Condoms

Durex has launched an emergency condom delivery service in Dubai. The app uses map technology to locate you and delivers a multipack of twelve condoms to you within an hour. So it’s basically like a special ops team but for condoms.

Condom Pro

This game allows you to demonstrate your skills at putting condoms on correctly, right down to opening the wrapper without tearing the condom. No extra points for using your mouth or feet because that sh*t is unsafe practice.

Catch the Condom

Based on old style arcade games the more condoms you catch the more points you win. The longer you survive without being killed the quicker the game becomes. It will appeal to those who are competitive about lasting the longest.

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