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Cuffing Season: All You Need To Know About The Seasonal Relationship Craze

Cuffing Season is well and truly in full swing. Let’s face it, an Irish winter can be down right depressing:it gets darker, colder and exam season is upon us. Since it’s gotten colder out

Why the kilkenny teen disco controversy happened

Facebook users revolted last week when a Kilkenny Teen Disco posted a refined version of their dress code. Girls cannot wear dresses with a ‘plunging neck line’ and were told to ‘keep

New strain of std not responding to antibiotics

A recent study has found that a recent strain of syphilis does not react to the antibiotics commonly used to treat it.   A recent strain of the bacteria has begun to spread across the globe,

Dating apps being blamed for rise in std's in ireland

Social media and “hookup” apps, like Tinder, are being blamed for the rise in STDs as infections are growing at a faster rate among young people compared to the rest of the population.   The

Contraception: which method is best for you?

In the 21st century we are fortunate enough to have a wide choice of different methods of contraception available to us, but which are the best? Each and every person is effected differently by

What your campus can do for your sexual health - dcu

Sexual health is one of the most taboo topics that young people just don’t seem to address correctly. While a lot of people adopt a “sure it’ll be grand” attitude towards their misdemeanours,