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Mythbuster: Does Coffee Really Sober You Up?

We’ve all heard it while standing in the queue, bouncers will say “come back to me when you’ve had a cup of coffee”. It’s a common misconception that coffee has the ability to sober you up. We’ve all wondered – is it true?


The term ‘sobering up’ refers to your bodies blood alcohol levels returning to normal.

Long making its rounds, is the common myth is that a strong cup of coffee will help you to sober up faster. It takes your body one hour to process one standard drink which is one small glass of wine (100ml) or a half pint of beer (284ml).

When you’ve drank more alcohol than your body can process per hour, alcohol levels in your blood will only ever decrease with time and not even the most fancy flat white with a latte art swan will save you.

Your body might trick you into believing this is true – you might feel more alert after a cup of the good stuff, but your hand eye coordination and other motor skills will still remain affected.

There is no secret recipe that will help you in sobering up when the level of alcohol in your blood is already too high, so here are a few tips and tricks to consider when you’re having a few jars.

Drink water or a fizzy drink between each alcoholic beverage

Pacing yourself and having a glass of water, or even a can of sprite between drinks will keep you from becoming intoxicated quickly.

Keep track of your drinks

Did you know your body can only process one unit of alcohol per hour? This looks like one shot of spirits (25ml). If you’re drinking faster than your body is able to process, then you risk becoming intoxicated.

Downsize your drinks

Instead of ordering a large glass of wine, try a bottle of beer with a lower percentage of alcohol.

Are you heading out this weekend?

Make sure to check out the Stay Yourself website for helpful hints on tips for a great night out.

Not drinking too much on a night out and pacing yourself can be the difference between being OK and KO’d.

Always remember to Stay Yourself!