Healthy Body

The student friendly healthy living guide

Try work some of these habits into your life over the summer.

Eating your ‘5-a-day’: When students move away to college eating fruit and vegetables are the least of their worries and are often omitted from our diets. To include more fruit and vegetables in your diet, why not order a tequila at the bar and squeeze all that essential Vitamin-C from the lemon afterwards but avoid the salt! this is a Healthy Living guide after all. You should up your Pot Noodle intake to get all the nutrition from those lovely dehydrated vegetables. And if you are really channelling your inner Gillian McKeefe go for a Subway… if it has that much salad it has to be good for you.

Exercising: Exercising can be very time consuming and dull which is why it is not favoured by many young people, but there are many ways to get a sneaky work out without having to be bored to death. If you always leave your accommodation five minutes before your lecture starts then no doubt you will get a good run going to make it on time. Another way you have probably been getting fit without realising is when you cop on its a 9.45pm and you were planning on hitting the local off license… that will certainly get you moving. You could also don a grey tracksuit and run up the steps outside the Arts Millennium Building, Rocky Balboa style (fist pump optional).

Looking After Your Mental Health: We are often overcome with assignments or just missing Mammy’s home cooked dinner and start feeling a bit down, but no worries as there are many useful solutions. You could watch a few episodes of Jeremy Kyle and suddenly your life will begin to seem perfect. Darcy and Barnacle, Sin’s own agony aunts are always here to help solve any problems you might be having. If all else fails have a cup of tea: it really is the answer to everything.

Dress for the Weather: Galway’s weather could only be described as bipolar, one moment you think you are in the Bahamas then suddenly it changes to an Arctic storm. It is important to dress appropriatly for the weather. When your parents said “put on ye a good coat” they meant it and it is sound advice. When hitting Galway city you should be thinking more altar server than Snooki: if you wouldn’t wear it to mass then it is too short. Make sure you are prepared for any possibility, always put sun cream on under your Ski jacket and wellies are quite simply a must.

Eat a Variety of Food: Variety in the diet is very important and it is quite easy to get into the “if it’s microwavable I will eat it” routine. Try something new every once in a while: Aldi have an abundance of different food and if the ingredients are in German all the better. Have a root around the back of your cupboards and make a meal with what you find, it will undoubtedly be interesting. Always live by the “3 second rule,” it avoids waste and is good for your immune system.

Sleep: Sleep is one of the most important aspects of student life and we can never get enough of it. Buy a set of ear plugs because those drunks singing “Loca People” at 5am will not go away. You should invest in a pair of sunglasses so you can go for a sneaky snooze between lectures. Always remember that dancing around Gort na Coiribe in the early hours seems like a good idea at the time but it never is.

This article first appeared in Sin Newspaper.