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Stop smoking: the reality of addiction

We, as students, are in the current mode of "not caring about what we do now that will affect us in the future". This is true for a number of things: alcohol consumption, eating habits, sleeping habits, and of course smoking habits.

Too much of anything is dangerous, but this is particularly true with regards to smoking cigarettes.

I am going to outline a few facts that are slightly off the beaten track when it comes to your usual debate about smoking.

Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death

It has been estimated that by 2030, the death rate will increase to eight million rather than the current five million that are dying annually of tobacco-related diseases.

Thousands of young people begin smoking every day 

Once we've reached the age of eighteen, the collective thought among us is that it's legal for us to smoke now, therefore no need to worry about it anymore.

However we always forget to think about the thousands of children younger than us that are only starting to smoke. Every day, nearly 4,000 young people under the age of 18 smoke their first cigarette.

We know the facts about lung cancer, we've all seen the gory pictures, but how many of us would stop a young person from smoking if we saw them in the act?

The cigarette industry spends billions of euro each year on advertising and promotions

Now what could the economy do with a few extra billion euro?

It's not an option to ban cigarettes completely from the country, but there is room for more laws to be enforced regarding smoking. The ban on smoking indoors proved a great stepping stone to preventing the danger of second-hand smoke.

If you want to quit smoking, is a great website to log onto and get the information that you need. You can also talk to a doctor.

If you happen to be attending UCC, there is a free student health service on College Road. You could also go into your local chemist and request information on how to quit and what nicotine supplements to use.