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Should we pay for college gyms?

There have been countless articles written already on how college is either going to make you gain or lose weight. It is one factor that worries parents and students alike upon embarking on a university career. College flies by and is constantly changing you. One aspect that changes is your lifestyle, more to the point your health and fitness regime.

Most Irish universities have a gym available for their students as well as clubs and societies related to fitness, such as athletics and different sports clubs. Depending on which college you attend, you may have to pay. For those who are fortunate enough to have this free facility, it can make a huge difference to your lifestyle at college. Gym fees can be as high as two hundred and fifty euro in National University of Ireland, Galway. However Maynooth University offers its students free membership all year round. One could argue that gym membership should indeed be free to avail of from every college in Ireland. Both gyms are well supplied with excellent facilities. The Leinster rugby team have trained in Maynooth University’s gym occasionally.

Gym membership for non-students can be from four hundred euro per year at RAW Condition Dublin or three hundred and fifty euro per six months at NRG Health & Fitness Gym, Galway and Cork. Trinity boasts an incredible variety of price plans for many different classes. Membership is free with classes beginning at student friendly prices as low as two euro and fifty cents. Again University College Dublin provide trainers to offer free advice, nutritional advice and expert gym plans. Cork University similarly charge two hundred and ninety euro annually for membership.

Another alternative is to join sport clubs that would provide facilities or perhaps a discount for such amenities. Classes are usually provided by clubs such as athletics, with a focus on cross over training, exercises and healthy eating. While the facilities available are excellent and improve quality of living for any student looking for a healthier lifestyle, there is the argument that one college is charging fee’s while another is not. More often than not, college gyms are open to the public as well as to students.

It can be argued that the public memberships along with a subsidy from the college and with a small flat fee to join from students should suffice in running a gym. Times are tough and it can be difficult to spare this amount of money in addition to other fees with most students relying on their parents for financial support. Is it worth this amount of money on top of other annual expenditures for students such as student fees, travel, rent and groceries? For those unable to afford gym membership there are running tracks and pitches available for students to use for running. You can even look up You Tube tutorials for exercises to do at home. So why pay?