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Seven Tips For Staying Safe On A Night Out

With the party season fast approaching, it is worth taking some time to think about how to stay safe on a night out. We are often prone to over-indulging ourselves, and this can result in us becoming less aware of our surroundings. While going crazy on a night out is fun, it is important to stay safe. Here are’s top seven tips for staying safe while partying.

1. Be aware of your surroundings.

Make a note of the exits, the cloakroom and the bathrooms for when you get into the pub or club. If you need to leave early, it is worth knowing your way around the place. It is also less likely you’ll get lost if you have some landmarks.

2. Organise a meeting place.

If one of your friends loves wandering off on night outs or you yourself are prone to going on adventures, organise a place to meet when the lights come on. Some clubs have no reception or WiFi, and Snapchatting endless videos of the dancefloor can really drain your phone’s battery. Arrange to meet at a specific sofa or bar- don’t meet outside as you’ll only get cold and swept up in the exodus of the crowd.

3. Have emergency money.

it always pays to have some emergency cash in case you lose your phone or purse while out. Keep this emergency money separate from the rest of your euros- stashing it in your pocket or in your bra ensures you won’t easily spend it!

4. Pace yourself.

it is easy to get sucked into doing rounds of drinks with your friends and availing of the cheap prices student nights have on offer. Don’t fall into the trap of overdoing it- drink at your own pace and don’t down drinks just because someone bought you another. Drinking quickly is a very slippery slope, one minute you are fine and next moment you are being kicked out of the club. Drink at least one pint of water too as alcohol is so dehydrating. This will lessen the morning after hangover!

5. Don’t abandon your friends.

While it is frustrating to have to look after your drunk friend on a night out, it is dangerous to leave them on their own. Get them some water and have them sit down for a while if they are getting too intoxicated. If you think they need to leave, get them home safely, and don’t just put them in a taxi by themselves so you can go back into the club. While your night out might be ruined, their life could be potentially ruined if you leave them wandering the streets when they’re not fully aware of their surroundings. You should be making sure they are safely tucked up in bed because you know they would do the same for you.

6. Set up MyTaxi.

This handy app will let you order a taxi in seconds and give you a live map of your driver’s whereabouts. If you have spent all your cash you can pay with your bank card, or even PayPal if you don’t have your card on you. This will save you a lot of time and effort when you’re trying to get home.

7. Never walk home alone.

While walking home might save money and give you a bit of exercise, never walk home alone, especially after a night out. It will be completely dark outside with not many cars on the road. This is an opportune time for muggings and other crimes. If you can’t afford a taxi, walk home in a big group and take the path that is well-lit, even if it is longer.