Healthy Body

Second semester tricks and tips to keep you going

It’s hard to believe that we are just back from our Christmas holidays. The very thought of mince pies, roast turkey and Mariah Carey on repeat couldn’t be further from our minds. 
Although it can often be hard to get back into the swing of college, we here at Campus have put together some of the best tips to keep you motivated this New Year.
New semester new you, right?
Although it’s still January, it seems like a long time ago since we made our New Year’s Resolutions. We all pledge to get more organised, lose weight and quit smoking. While in fact, recent studies have shown that only a tiny 8% of people actually complete their New Year’s Resolutions, so don’t worry, you’re not alone.
This year, why not set some achievable new semester goals? It has been proven that even just listening in class will improve your memory and increase your concentration. Vitamin C is required for making neurotransmitter nureinephrine, which affects the part of your brain where attention and responding actions are controlled. For those of us not studying pharmacy, that’s a good thing!
Healthy diet – Healthy mind
As a student, it can often be hard to find the time to fit in three meals a day, let alone trying to be healthy. We aren’t always good to our bodies, and this can affect us in the long term. Instead of stocking up on fresh fruit and veg in ALDI, knowing we’re going to be throwing it out by the end of the week, there are plenty of alternative ways to stay healthy. 
Simple changes like walking to a further bus stop than you’d normally get, or better yet cycling to college, is not only a great way to keep active, but the extra fresh air will help clear your mind for the day ahead.
Snacks like almonds and raisins are available in most college canteens and act as a super healthy lunch alternative. Other simple swaps include popcorn for crisps and dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Your body is a temple after all.
Fail to prepare – Prepare to fail
An oldie but a goodie. In the hope of not sounding like a typical Irish mammy, it’s true, preparation is key. There’s no point fooling yourself by saying that you’re going to have all your assignments done by Easter, so instead try set mini targets. 
One assignment equals summer festival tickets. One continuous-assessment amounts to a night out with your friends. Smaller goals are much more achievable, after all there’s only one way to eat an elephant, one bite at a time. (Now we really do sound like your Ma!)
Increase your vitamin intake
Heading to an after-party seemed like a great idea at the time, until it’s 8.30 the next morning and it sounds like there’s a fire alarm going off in your head. Yep, that dreaded 9am lecture you so easily forgot about the night before. Vitamin C is to the rescue. 
Alcohol depresses your immune system, leaving you wide open to colds and other viruses, not to mention your banging headache and dry mouth. Try gulping down a vitamin C supplement before you head out the door and watch as your hangover melts away. Not only that, but vitamin C relieves stress, reduces skin ageing and helps fight the common cold. So you have no excuses!
Why not kick-start your day with Emergen-C Vitamin Sachets?  Each sachet contains 1000mg of Vitamin C plus 6 B Vitamins for energy release and immunity support.
Watch as those January blues drift away!

Photo: Kyle McDonald/ Flickr