Healthy Body

New year new me?

So as it’s the New Year, HAPPY 2017 EVERYONE! It’s time to put away the junk food and indulge in a nice bowl of salad while hitting the gym. For the next month, we will see adverts for being healthy, dieting and maybe buying that new car you were saving for. Does it ever stop? This idea of the trend after trend of society ruling our lives. I mean, God forbid we kept out the junk food, ignored the gyms and maybe put that diet off for another month. Oh, and before you forget, get down the travel agents and book that magical summer holiday; after all, it would be a sin if you missed it.
I am not trying to rant here, I am just writing exactly what it is that’s happening around us and it all boils down to one thing -“stress”. That small little word that puts unnecessary pressure on our lives. The question is, should be we putting this unwanted “stress” into our lives? The world will still go round even if you don’t get to book that ultimate holiday or get the gym subscription you wanted. Of course we should be exercising and eating healthy but we shouldn’t have to depend on society to tell us to do so.
The New Year also brings stress in other ways through work or studies. For some, the final term is looming and it’s sink or swim to get through the final hurdle. For others, it’s the performance review that could lead to a job promotion and maybe a salary raise. Does the new year sound good now? Sometimes we can get blinded by society and set ourselves targets that lead us to put ourselves under immense pressure to meet them and for what? To be better than others. We should be grateful for what we have and trust ourselves to set our own achievable targets. At the end of the day you are not living a life designed by advertisers and social media, you are living your own life. So live it the way you want.
When setting goals, think about what you want to achieve or where you want go in your life and plan. Once you plan and you know that it is what you want, you will be surprised how quick you will achieve it, one step at a time. Do you want that promotion or are you just taking it to be able to book that holiday or buy a new car? If you aren’t happy with work, look elsewhere. Material things don’t make you happy and it certainly doesn’t decrease stress.
When booking a holiday, pick a nice, relaxing destination so that you can enjoy and unwind. Again, these things vary per person. Some people might like to relax on a beach in the sun and others in the centre of London going to see the latest West End show. Just because Mary or Joe are going to Santa Ponsa doesn’t mean that you have to go as well. Be different.
I may have been slightly ranting in this but I feel it is very justifiable; we depend too much on society to define ourselves. We need to take control and not be afraid to say no.
Also be grateful for what you are, who you are and where you have come. Some people can forget to thank themselves for reaching goals like getting that new house because they are blinded by the next big challenge that society brings.
If you believe in new resolutions and want to change something or do something new this year, try something different trust yourself and believe in yourself, live your own life you won’t regret it.