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I’ll drink to that

When you see that written down, it doesn’t seem as harmless as it did while you were drinking it. Welcome to college: the land were binge drinking is not seen as a problem but as a way of life. Falling down the stairs, getting sick outside a nightclub, and oh yes, the delightful hangover. You would be hard pressed to find any student who hasn’t experienced any of these things.

Some students miss lectures due to their hangovers while others manage to attend but cannot learn anything as they must concentrate on not getting sick. In the rare cases, students may even show up to an exam drunk. Fun times one would assume, but are we being honest with ourselves? Do we drink too much to the point where it is an necessity anytime we go on a social outing?

Student life is costly and this is a recession, so we are forced to pre-drink before heading out to a bar or nightclub to save money.  Sounds like a good idea yeah? In some ways yes, but really it is a dangerous thing. Individuals run the risk of becoming drunk before leaving the house (let’s face it, you know that will lead to trouble). Fights will start, a person may refused entry to a club as they appear too intoxicated or they my seriously injure themselves and require hospitalisation. It is not a pretty sight. Think of this student who did not consider the consequences and tragically lost his life.

Other drinking facts that may or may not surprise you, courtesy of

·       Every seven hours, someone in Ireland dies from an alcohol-related illness.

·       Each night, 2,000 hospital beds are occupied for alcohol-related reason.

·       The level of drinking in Ireland is a significant influence on the suicide rate among young men.

·       Alcohol‑related disorders were the third most common reason for admission to Irish psychiatric hospitals between 1996 and 2005.

·       One Irish study of people from three counties who died as a result of suicide, found that more than half had alcohol in their blood.

·       More than one in four of those attending accident and emergency departments have alcohol‑related injuries, almost half of which occurred to people aged under 30 years.

·       Alcohol is a factor in one in four traumatic brain injuries.

·       One in 10 cancers in men and one in 33 in women are caused by drinking.


There is nothing wrong with having a few drinks on a night out, everyone is entitled to that. No one says otherwise.  Remember that student at the start of the article? The one who drank the bottle of wine, the cans and nearly a naggin of vodka? Yup… guessed it, yours truly. I made an utter show of myself that night and since then I have refused to drink that much on a night out. Nothing is worse than losing the respect of your friends. Except fatally injuring yourself while drunk. Just something to think of.