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How To Exercise on a Budget

As the new year rolls around many people tend to make a list of New Year’s resolutions, and although each resolution can be personal to each individual, there is always one that everyone adds to their list – to start exercising more.

Having just spent the Christmas period indulging in food, many people tend to feel sluggish at the start of January. Many people’s answer to shaking off this feeling and to start getting active again is to join a gym. However for some people, students especially, this is not always the most financially viable option. Here are five tips to help students get back in shape without breaking the bank.

Walking your dog

There are simply so many benefits for taking your dog out for a walk – you get some fresh air, you can decide how long or short your walk is, you have an endless choice of where to go (parks, woods, beaches, etc.), your dog gets some exercise too and best of all, it’s completely free! This is a foolproof way to raise your fitness levels and clear your head. And don’t worry if you don’t own a dog – having a friend or family member to go on walks with is just as beneficial and should that fail, stick in your earphones and consider it “me time”.

Buy a yoga mat

Practising yoga not only keeps you active, it also relaxes your mind and body and builds up core strength. The best part is you don’t have to sign up to pricey classes to practice it – yoga mats can be bought from as little as €10 giving you the freedom to choose when and where to do it depending on your schedule. If you’re completely new to yoga you can simply search for tutorials on YouTube which will show you the basics and from there you can take control on how often and where you practice it, as well as at which level.

Fitness DVDs

If you’re a fan of reality TV shows such as Geordie Shore and Love Island, then you’ve definitely heard of cast members releasing their very own fitness DVDs, packed full of exercise routines. These DVDs hold many benefits, as many of them start with basics for beginners, and then build up from there so once you start feeling fitter and more active, the exercises become that bit tougher, therefore making it an (achievable!) challenge. These DVDs also give you freedom on when and where to exercise, therefore this option is ideal for students with a busy lifestyle.


Defined as “an aerobic fitness programme featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and performed primarily to Latin American dance music”, Zumba classes are a sure fire way to raise fitness levels and stay in shape, and are a lot of fun to take part in too. There are Zumba classes held in almost every community around the country, so one quick Google search will find the one closest to you. Although some classes can be on the pricey side, a lot of classes will offer discounts and promotional offers, so take the time to look for the one which will suit you perfectly.

Join a University team

One of the greatest things about college life is the extensive range of clubs and societies
which students can get involved in. The amount of sports you can partake in is endless, from basketball, football, swimming, hockey, karate, rugby, athletics – the list can go on and on. Joining a University team of your preferred sport is a lot kinder to your bank account than local clubs and means you can work your training schedule around your lectures and studies. It’s also a great way to meet new people meaning not only are you staying in shape, you’re having a lot of fun too.