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Give blood this christmas

It seems students have an unfair stigma of being good-for-nothing’s who like to eat pizza and drink all day. However students contribute to society in their own way. They volunteer in their spare time for causes they care about, they contribute to their respective university, whether it be through a society or getting involved with open days. 
It is precisely for this reason that the Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS) visits universities across the country to host blood drives. Each year is a success as students pour into halls, eager to do their bit for society. 
It is estimated that over 15,000 transfusions are required over the coming weeks to supply blood demands, according to IBTS. There are concerns for blood supplies between now and the new year as there is a decrease in donations. Traditionally the Christmas period is the most difficult time throughout the year for blood donations. Cancer patients and accidents over Christmas require a fresh blood supply immediately. 
Here are some facts to consider: Over 70,000 people in Ireland require blood each year. One in every four people will need a blood transfusion during their life time. Blood has a shelf life of thirty five days and as only three per cent of the population are donating, there is a massive demand for donors.
This Christmas, think of the implications of those in need. For those who have not donated previously, the process takes less than twenty minutes of your time and can be done every ninety days. Walk-ins are welcome at blood donor clinics as they usually require no appointment. 
New donors will not regret donating for the first time. There is no greater feeling than walking away knowing you are saving somebody’s life. Christmas is a time of enjoyment and spending time with family, so think of those who are unable to do this due to illness or an accident. 
A half hour of your time isn’t much to give up in exchange for helping. Interested donors can register on or walk into your nearest blood clinic. 

Photo:Irish Blood Transfusion Service/ Facebook