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Click to cure: help find the cure to cancer

“Come be a part of our citizen science story” invites Cancer Research UK. By playing a game similar to the well-known card game of Snap, the public have a chance to be a part of the cure for cancer. 

The UK research team have dug out data that has been buried under a mound of work for years and it has been uploaded to their website for you to analyse. This project is the first of its kind and aims to provide the cancer researchers with information so that they can identify any similarities between cell types and treatment responses.

So, how does it work? Each image revealed to you is only a tiny sample of a tumour that they have on record and you, the citizen scientist, have to match it up in terms of it’s colour and shape to the images provided by the cancer research team.

Over 84,501 images have already been snapped on by your fellow citizen scientists and this has already made a huge difference in cancer research. Every snap hit means we are one step closer to that long anticipated breakthrough to curing cancer.

“The more time you give the faster we will get there” is the message from the cancer research team. The team guide you through the process, there are help buttons along the way in case you get stuck, and I will vouch that it is not a hard task and you do not need to be a scientist to do this.

By becoming an active online citizen scientist you are helping cut down the time it takes to analyse all this data which would have been years, but now it is only months until this project is complete and the cure to cancer is finally found.

Click to cure cancer.